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“Our history makes who we are now,

but does not determine who we could become,

each day we have the opportunity to make new life choices.”

– HelenO

I started my working life at the age 15, working as crew and crew trainer at one of only two McDonalds in Canberra and then a pie shop, little did I realise then that I would eventually run my own business teaching and training people.

Between then and now I have experienced great grief and loss, financial insecurity and overwhelming debt. I have had legal battles and my life threatened several times while protecting vulnerable children.

There were events that were so devastating that it took me years to recover a sense of safety of being able to feel confident in the world again.

In my life I have raised many children through my work and at home. At times I have stuffed things up incredibly, but always with best intent and I learned to love deeply.

Over the years, I worked with people from around the country and internationally each from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and I have worked sitting on the side of the road and in the local park, in coffee shops and in executive offices, it makes no difference to me.

Thinking back across my work, it is a great teacher of human behaviour, and if I have a natural superpower that helps in this work it is people.  I blend solid training and experience with HeartConnection and use these to create transformational change and connection.

My experiences have allowed me to develop a broad range of unique skills and professional qualifications as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Deep State Re-patterning Practitioner, Life Coach and Workplace Trainer and Assessor. I also have a wide range of soft people skills and even qualifications in Aromatherapy, it is amazing how the use of scent and aroma healing enhances outcomes for my one-on-one clients.

I have written and designed many programs that cover a range of topics centered around careers, employment, leadership, small business, life purpose and lifestyle. I have worked and trained individuals and organisations focusing on identifying strengths and connectedness to redefine the way we access and use our internal intelligence.

My newest project and program is HeartConnection, my book and program due to be released in 2017.

HeartConnection a unique program created after years of working with people that re-opens the doors of possibility using the combined intelligence of the heart and the mind.

What gives me the greatest sense of pride and satisfaction is watching someone step into their own strength and use their HeartConnection and intuition to create their amazingly exquisite life.

I hope one day we may meet, and work together until we do, here’s to your LifEthereal.


Specialties: Author, speaker, facilitator, HeartConnection creator

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Author “HeartConnection” (release 2016) Co-contributor of “My Personal GPS” (due for release 2016) and “Overcoming the Good Little Girl Syndrome: Assertiveness & Empowerment Strategies for Women (2014)” PWP publications; “The Gratitude Book Project 2013 and 2014, and several self published (Kindle) books.

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_____________________________________________________________________________________Acknowledgements:    I would not be the person I am without having read, participated or been mentored, loved, supported and influenced by the following people;

My Grandparents and Parents, my lifelong girlfriends, my family, my challenging encounters, and wonderful teachers including: Denise Linn, James Redfield, Lynn V Andrews, Brooke Medicine Eagle,  Neale Donald Walsch, Joseph Campbell, Louise L Hay, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Sharon Pearson, Joe Pane, Alice Haemmerle  Sasha Fenton, Richard Bach, David J Schwartz, Douglas Adams, Isabele Allende, Jean M Auel, Ekhart Tolle, John Gray, Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracey, Richard Koch, Alan Pease, Gregg Braden, Bridget Brennan, Taki Moore, Rachel Naomi Remen, Alex Frater and literally thousands of others, including all those I have worked with over time.

Each and every one of these people and others, there are too many to name, have added to my wealth of knowledge, understanding and ability to Live, Learn, Love and Grow, everyday.

Hearts Blessings and Thank you XO