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I went to see Helen when I was going through one of the hardest times in my life and knew I needed help.

Helens ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable to discuss anything helps you address current and past experiences that you may be avoiding or holding on to. Helens calm inviting demeanor and life coaching knowledge is proven in her ability to adapt her methods to best suit your situation and how to address it.

One of the methods that helped me was her Deep State Repatterining. I found this method non invasive and extremely beneficial for me to move forward.

I highly recommend Helen and her techniques for any situation you may need help with.

Katherine Matthews – 5 star – Canberra ACT

In just 2 sessions Helen has transformed my life of existence and mind numbing monotony with border line depression into a joyful, purpose filled and passionate way of living.

I can’t recommend Helen highly enough. The coaching she does is amazing and inspirational. Her ability to make you feel at ease relaxed and comfortable is unique to Helen, her non-judgmental and non-criticising attitude created a safe place for me to release the truth and allow for guidance to resolve lifelong issues that would not budge with regular counselling and psychology.

Thank you Helen so blessed to have met you.
Lifethereal Coaching & Training

Marianne Wyatt — 5 star – Queanbeyan NSW

I initially started working with Helen to gain some clarity and make decisions about my career – but I got so much more than that! Helen has an amazing ability to guide you where you need to go and create massive, lifelong change.

Some of the processes used and Helen’s intuitive approach has allowed me to go much deeper than I have ever gone with other coaching – I really connected with what was at the core of the challenges I was facing in several areas of my life (career, life path, relationships, finances, health, self-love). It has been six months since we worked together and just about every day I can still hear Helen’s voice reminding me of what I learned about myself, what I’m capable of achieving and to give myself permission to go after it. I highly recommend anyone to get in touch with Helen for a chat about how she can help you to move forward in any area of your life.

Helen, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the gift of being my coach.

Karyn Walker — 5 star – Brisbane QLD

I have had five sessions with Helen and am so very happy. She quickly found the core of my wants and needs and to develop the best way to make that happen. She didn’t let me use empty excuses and truly helped me to find the best way to move forward into a much better me.

I know my life will be better for knowing and speaking honestly to Helen. Thank you for helping me find the best me!

The Cancer Support Group Act Eden Monaro — 5 star

“Helen has guided me through challenges and coaching me in all aspects in my businesses. Helen is on my mastermind team for personal development. Helen coaching skills are top notch.” 

Vickie Rand-Washington – California USA

“Having lived 60+ years at effect, (disempowerment) I had plenty of opportunity to create beliefs that kept me in a place of fear and ‘this is as good as it gets.

I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Helen, and it is with the utmost pleasure and sincerity that I am writing this heartfelt testimonial.

Just 2 sessions with Helen and I am finally in a place of productivity. Through applied NLP techniques and learnings I have reached a place of love, trust and awareness.

Helen certainly covers all that I would look for in a coach, non-judgemental, confidentiality, a jam-packed toolkit to assist a client through any given situation, last but not least, a shining example of ‘going the extra mile’, I cannot recommend her highly enough”.

Marijke Henke – Christie Downs, South Australia

“I have always had lots of ideas about different things I want to do in my life, areas I want to explore and dreams I want to make reality: Both personal and professional goals to aim for. Over the years I have become more and more frustrated with seemingly being unable to actually ‘do it’. Finding myself putting up hurdles so high I couldn’t even dream of getting over them and self sabotaging all my ideas – making everything just too difficult to attain.

Lots of excuses, lots of ideas but no action…

Working with Helen has transformed not only my thinking but also my actions. Breaking down barriers, understanding old habits and retraining negative ideas has been an amazing, insightful journey leading me to start my own business. We have worked through the source of some ingrained beliefs and changed them – so they work for me. Developed useful tools to ensure circles of negative behaviour are broken and created solid plans so I can turn my dreams into reality.

Realising ‘it is easy’ has shown me an amazing new path which I am beyond excited to be on. Yes it sounds corny, and perhaps a bit too good to be true? Honestly, its not; with an open, interested mind you are able to become the person you want to be.”

Jae Tame – Sydney  Australia

“I began my LifEthereal journey last year when I met Helen for the first time and she had me in tears before the end of the hour.  This was not a bad thing – she was just able to reach inside me and touch something that no-one else had been able to do.

With a great deal of subtlety, and a good bit of persistence, Helen has – over the last six months – gently nudged my tiller so that I have been able to slowly and gently turn things in my life around and she has then managed to put my own hand back on that tiller. It is really only in retrospect that I can see the changes and the benefits.  Given the place I was in when I met Helen, I believe this is the only way that the changes could have been made.

I won’t say that it was always easy.  There were times when, during several of our phone sessions, when I just wanted her to ‘go away’.  She was making me work hard to find answers that I didn’t always feel ready to give.  She pushed and persisted, and I made it out the other side.

Our final session using NLP was like ‘the icing on the cake’, and I now feel much better equipped to face the rest of the journey.

Helen’s methods do not seem to follow a ‘formula’.  I felt that she tailored her responses and her expectations to my needs, and each session was different.  She made sure I was an active participant, rather than a passive observer.  Helen has a gift for being able to get in touch with your needs and help you fill them yourself.  I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to make the most of their life.”

Cathy Morison – Canberra.



At first I was a little apprehensive about starting this journey as I usually do with any new thing I start. At first I was surprised to observe how easy it was for Helen to set me at ease and draw me out. During the first session, I met with monumental changes astounding me with their veracity. 

Through Helen’s gentle guidance I managed to move leaps and bounds in my journey to finding my way. I would recommend this journey to anyone who would like to be closer to where they think they need to be. My thanks to Helen for doing what she was meant to do.

Millie Lee – Coffs Harbour.



Helen and I worked together on my life journey  for six weeks, during this time I was at cross roads finding it difficult to move forward onto the next chapter  of my life

Children leaving home and wanting to start a new business. Helen helped me release old thought patterns which were limiting my visions for the future.

Each week I attempted a new challenge and I was accountable to Helen and myself , which made me follow through to new paths now I feel I have a vision for the future and feel much more confident to master the BIG plan 

Thank You so much Helen

Cheryl Murdoch – Port Douglas



I had one session with Helen, who is a trained Practitioner in NLP and was so surprised at the end of the session.

The effect was amazing, yes that’s what it felt like.This feeling stayed with me over the weeks. I use the images that we worked on in my mind and I felt so much love and wellness it was fantastic. This works, I have experience other methods of counseling and it has been painful to say the less and this was not the case with Helen. I have found someone who can help me get through some trauma with out the pain.

Thank you Helen for your gentle caring and experience working as a NLP Practitioner.

Leona Page – Penrith NSW


My daughter has struggled with spelling from the beginning of school till now, in Year 7. We worked with various teachers over the years, but without any noticeable improvement.

We decided to have Helen Ollerenshaw help our daughter and within 30 minutes, Helen had introduced our daughter to a new, visually based method of remembering words. Since that point, her spelling has improved dramatically, and this has been reflected in both her school reports, and the feedback from her Humanities teacher.

My wife and I would have no hesitation in recommending Helen to other parents who would like to improve their children’s academic results

Michael Cocks – Canberra



“Helen Ollerenshaw recently taught some powerful strategies to assist my eldest daughter, with her spelling at school. Previously, my daughter would only get 1 or 2 correct words out of 10 for her spelling tests and was dispirited in her learning efforts in this area.

After just one short lesson with Helen, my daughter learned to break down the components of words and store them away in her memory for future recall. She now consistently gets 100% on her spelling tests and is enthusiastically engaged in wanting to learn more and more complex words.

This has had the flow on effect of developing my daughters reading dramatically and she continues to surprise us with what she can now achieve in both spelling and reading.

I highly recommend Helen’s services to assist with any problems with learning difficulties or with issues of confidence, self assurance, or engagement.”
Dave Arthur – Canberra


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