Life is about Heart – Break Out and Break Free

LifE is meant to be lived with Abundance Joy and Purpose not Heartache and Struggle

Have you ever wanted to be a florist on a Desert Island, hard to get to with no customers?

Are you tired of being tired?

Are you holding on to heartache, heartbreak or grief?

Are you exhausted by glass ceilings but don’t know what to do next?

Are you struggling to find your authentic voice, your authentic purpose?

IF you say yes to any of these questions then you are disconnected from the most powerful, awe inspiring, positive, determined and aspirational part of yourself. You are blocked from hearing your truth and understanding who you truly are at core.

You are missing your Heart Connection, you can tell when this has happened you become stressed, sick, tired, angry, frustrated, demotivated, lacking purpose.

All these feeling can hit us at one point or another in our lives when ever we are ready to change to live and learn and love and grow, it’s like pounding on an invisible barrier and getting no where.

Believe me I’ve been there with grief and loss, burnout, a diagnosis Chronic PTSD, changing careers and needing to start out and start over I know how challenging it can be to find your inner Joy and Purpose.

LifEthereal Coaching changes that it releases you from the emotional and physical bindings that keep you from moving forward. Working one-on-one with Transformational Coach HelenO or accessing her online tools you can begin to find and build the life you deserve.

It just takes one small step.  You can do it you can unwrap the life you deserve.

“To live in abundance, to experience the joy of being human to release fear and chaos to be able to experience our unique purpose, we need to, in-fact we must, re-open a dialogue with our hear, when we reconnect we no  long fee along, we remember and we heal, we change our future”