“To live in abundance, to experience the joy of being human, being able to experience our unique purpose, we need to, in-fact we must, re-open a dialogue with our heart, when we reconnect we no longer feel alone, we remember and we heal.”





Create a journey of re-discovery to:

  • Release the fear that is holding you back
  • Successfully navigate day to day chaos
  • Unlock the secrets to your hearts’ truth
  • Remember your purpose and intent
  • Experience abundance and joy
  • Unwrap your extraordinary heart connected life

Some of the real feedback we have received from our clients

  • “Massive lifelong change”
  • “Identifying core wants and needs,”
  • “Joyful, purpose filled and passionate way of living.”
  • “Clear direction,”
  • “Resolved lifelong issues,”
  • “Identification of core values and purpose,”
  • “Finding the best me!”

HeartConnection is unwrapping a life of abundance joy and purpose in a fearful and chaotic world. 

“Helen has guided me through challenges and coaching me in all aspects in my businesses. Helen is on my mastermind team for personal development. Helen coaching skills are top notch.” – Vickie R-W – LA California


In just 2 sessions Helen has transformed my life of existence and mind numbing monotony with border line depression into a joyful, purpose filled and passionate way of living.

I can’t recommend Helen highly enough. The coaching she does is amazing and inspirational. Her ability to make you feel at ease relaxed and comfortable is unique to Helen, her non-judgmental and non-criticising attitude created a safe place for me to release the truth and allow for guidance to resolve lifelong issues that would not budge with regular counselling and psychology.  –  Thank you Helen so blessed to have met you. – Marianne Wyatt — 5 star


Contact HelenO: HelenO@lifethereal.com.au

Featured Author in Professional Woman Publishing and Sibyl Magazine